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Free radicals steal oxygen from the body, causing decay, such as cellulite, gum disease, low energy, heart disease, breakdown of arteries, easy bruising, lowered immune system and more.

Flavo-C is full of bioflavonoids — powerful antioxidants that restore oxygen to the body – and Vitamin C, making it a powerful formula. Vitamin C, flavonoids, and other whole food ingredients are needed for repairing and preventing cellular damage, as well as for slowing down the aging process.

Excellent for energy, and support of blood vessels, eyes, organs, skin, connective tissue, the immune system, and more!

Green Nutrients


Providing the alkaline minerals needed by every organ and cell in the body, Green Nutrients supports acid-alkaline balances and contains a host of nutrients found in green vegetables.

Effects of too much acidity may include the following: poor hormonal functions, tooth decay, infections, kidney and other organ problems, weight gain, aching and inflamed joints, generalized inflammation, and more.

Excellent for pliability of the musculoskeletal system and other structures, healthy blood sugar levels, and respiratory structures. Adds important green vegetables & more to the daily diet!

Super Greens


Chronic stress, illness, poor daily diets and pollution call for foods that can protect and foster good health.

The 18 super foods packed into Super Greens support all systems, organs and biological functions involved in healing, defending against cellular decline and the support of every system in the body.

Excellent for “multiple” vitamin pill replacement, general and specific health support, wellness, energy, sports endeavors, active and inactive people, & more!