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The foods in Cell Power serve as the raw ingredients that are transformed into Energy within the cells’ mitochondria. Cell Power helps the body ward off fatigue, fight lingering illness, build immune system, and combat physical sluggishness and mental and emotional exhaustion.

Excellent for chronic exhaustion, poor nutrition, sports performance & more!


  • All Systems, on a cellular level
  • Chronic Illness or Physical Exertion

Alfalfa Leaf, Kelp (whole), Liver (whole, beef, drug-free), Panax Ginseng Root (Korean Ginseng), Quinoa Seed, Sunflower Seed, Astragalus Membranaceus Root, Fig Fruit, Gingko Leaf (Gingko biloba), Spirulina Plankton, Almond Meal, Gentian Root, Date Fruit and Vanilla Bean.

Inactive Ingredients: Cellulose, Arrowroot, Silica and Croscarmellose Sodium.

Cell Power provides nutrients supportive of cellular energy production.

In addition to the unique properties, synergists and cofactors of this food, each serving provides the following nutrients contained within the above food-nutrient blend (not as isolates): Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Folate, Bioflavonoids, Antioxidants, Carotenoids, Essential Fatty Acids, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium and other minerals, trace mineral activators, enzymes and more.

2 tablets or 1 tsp. of powder daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Not for pregnant or lactating women without consent of a physician.

Chronic fatigue is one of the most prevalent concerns today, owing in large part to an insufficient amount of energy produced in the cells, as well as stress factors and other nutritional deficiencies. Impairment of cellular energy production has been associated with muscle soreness, vague soreness, inability to think clearly, shortness of breath and chest pain, depression, hormonal irregularities, chronic exhaustion both mental and physical, lack of desire, sexual dysfunction, slow healing, secondary complications with illness, poor circulation and more. Cell Power is a recommended adjunct to both wellness schedules and for support to recovery for all health concerns.

• Digestion
• Athletic performance
• Physical & emotional exertion
• Function of all internal organs
• Glands
• Nerve conduction
• Immune system function
• Emotional and mental functions and capacities
• Cellular growth, reproduction, protection and mobility
• Brain function
• Cellular metabolism
• Cardiovascular, respiratory and circulatory health
• Muscle strength and capacity
• Wound healing
• Stress mechanisms and adrenals
• Hormonal health

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ©2014 NutriPlex Formulas, Inc. • Statements are made based on independent food science research and have not been evaluated by the FDA. Information contained herein are for educational purposes only and are not to be used for or in place of proper medical diagnosis and care under a qualified physician. Always check with your physician before using any product for contraindications and proper use.


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