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Coconut Butter Oil


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If you’re looking for a natural cooking oil that provides important nutrients‚ you might want to try NutriPlex Formulas’ Coconut Butter Oil.

Specifically‚ Coconut Butter Oil provides medium chain triglycerides‚ which are considered to be healthy fats. These fatty acids—which include lauric acid—might work to maintain optimal nerve transmission and cardiovascular function. Since medium chain triglycerides are easier to digest than other fats‚ coconut oil may also serve as a quick source of energy.

Furthermore‚ coconut butter oil is free of potentially harmful trans fats.

Moreover‚ Coconut Butter Oil is versatile; in addition to using it as an ingredient in cooking or baking‚ you can use it as a tasty butter substitute. When applied topically‚ this oil may also work to maintain healthy skin.

Finally‚ NutriPlex Formulas has manufactured this organic coconut oil without additives or solvents.

Each bottle of Coconut Butter Oil by NutriPlex Formulas contains 16 ounces of oil.


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