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Adrenal Support


If adrenal glands – the body’s energy-backup system – are exhausted and under-producing, Adrenal Support offers added support to help them function more robustly and more efficiently.

Excellent for energy, continued health & more!


  • Energy Production
  • Hormonal System



The body uses all parts of the Vitamin B Complex for different key functions of its electrical, energy-producing cycle — from brain function to digestion to nerve transmission. BFood helps refresh, revitalize, energize and heal this system.

Blood Sugar Balance


Often, the amount of sugar in the bloodstream is too high or too low. High levels can cause diabetes, and low levels may cause hypoglycemia.  The GTF (glucose tolerant factor) complex food molecule is effective at helping insulin balance blood sugar levels, making it useful for depression sufferers and diabetic patients. Glucose tolerant factor is also indicated for carbohydrate metabolism and, because it keeps less sugar from being turned into fat, supporting a healthy weight.

Excellent for supporting healthy blood sugar levels, refined diets, a healthy weight & more!



Cal-Mag Balance stimulates white blood cells to fight infection, fever, inflammation and sickness. Calcium support assists with wound-healing and repair of tissue, and is essential for everyday functions, such as heart rhythm, bone growth and cramp prevention.



Because most foods eaten today are processed, digestive systems have a harder time breaking down fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Digestive enzymes break down food nutrients into smaller sizes that the body can use more completely and efficiently.

Digestive enzymes are also used to combat indigestion and its side effects, like bloating, heartburn and flatulence.

Supports proper digestion, cholesterol health, and more!

Fish Oils



Fish Oils have been used traditionally for support of skin cells, brain function, joint problems, and various modes of healing.

Excellent for skin, hormonal health, brain, mood, nerves, emotional well-being, wounds & more!




Free radicals steal oxygen from the body, causing decay, such as cellulite, gum disease, low energy, heart disease, breakdown of arteries, easy bruising, lowered immune system and more.

Flavo-C is full of bioflavonoids — powerful antioxidants that restore oxygen to the body – and Vitamin C, making it a powerful formula. Vitamin C, flavonoids, and other whole food ingredients are needed for repairing and preventing cellular damage, as well as for slowing down the aging process.

Excellent for energy, and support of blood vessels, eyes, organs, skin, connective tissue, the immune system, and more!

Green Nutrients


Providing the alkaline minerals needed by every organ and cell in the body, Green Nutrients supports acid-alkaline balances and contains a host of nutrients found in green vegetables.

Effects of too much acidity may include the following: poor hormonal functions, tooth decay, infections, kidney and other organ problems, weight gain, aching and inflamed joints, generalized inflammation, and more.

Excellent for pliability of the musculoskeletal system and other structures, healthy blood sugar levels, and respiratory structures. Adds important green vegetables & more to the daily diet!



Inflammation is essential to the healing process — it is the body’s natural process to protect an injured area and supply vital nutrients and heat while the area recovers. Anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin and steroids, may be actually counter-productive because they may interrupt the natural inflammation process — leading to incomplete healing.

InflaPlex supplies the body with essential nutrients that it uses to assist the inflammation process, making healing faster and more effective.

Excellent for healing, lung function, small blood vessel health, & more!