We choose nature over pharmacology.

We are providers of whole food nutrition products and information to clinicians. Nutriplex produces a truly 100% whole food product clinical line, 100% free of isolates.


Nutriplex only use the “whole” food, which means, we don’t take the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, flavonoids, carotenoids or chlorophyll out of our vegetables. We use the whole vegetable, herb and glandular.

Many pseudo “whole food” companies claim their ingredients come from whole food but what they are really saying is, they “pulled” nutrients out of “whole foods.” This is much different. Using the whole food instead of a mixture isolated vitamins or minerals has a tremendous impact on your patients’ well-being.

When you remove nutrients from their original source you strip that nutrient of its co-factors (helper nutrients) that are needed for complete nutritive effects. Other companies end up infusing co-factors into their products as well as chemicals to force absorption. Scientific research shows you cannot recreate the complexity & effective-ness already within nature’s bio-chemical synergy.

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The body uses all parts of the Vitamin B Complex for different key functions of its electrical, energy-producing cycle — from brain function to digestion to nerve transmission. BFood helps refresh, revitalize, energize and heal this system.

Fish Oils



Fish Oils have been used traditionally for support of skin cells, brain function, joint problems, and various modes of healing.

Excellent for skin, hormonal health, brain, mood, nerves, emotional well-being, wounds & more!

Whole Food


For those who have been searching for an all-in-one nourishing, nutrient-rich “multi” supplement, Whole Food is the answer!